In addition to creating my own music, I do work with and for others.

This is a partial list of clients, friends, and colleagues...
Al Kooper
Craig Chaquiso
Richard Bell/The Band
Peter Frampton
Phil Lesh/Grateful Dead
Peter Stroud/Sheryl Crow
Melissa Etheridge
Suzanne Ciani
Arlo Guthrie/Abe Guthrie
Larry Campbell/Bob Dylan Band
Bette Midler Band
Lionel Ritchie Band
Morris Hayes/Paisley Park
Russ Achzet/Moody Blues
Joe Cocker Band
Warren McRae/Tina Turner Band
Mike Garson (David Bowie Band)
Earth Wind and Fire
Jim Demain
Dr Fred Bashour
George Porter/Funky Meters
Allain Mallet/Paul Simon Band
Ginger Fish/Marilyn Manson?Rob Zombie
Kenny Aronoff
Jon Anderson/Yes
Drumbo/Magic Band
Lee Loughnane/Chicago
Kevin Antunes/Madonna
David Bryan/Bon Jovi
JD Dworkow/Rolling Stones
Sarah McGlaughlin Band
Paul McCartney Band
Tom Morrongiello
Brett Tuggle/Chris Isaak Band/Fleetwood Mac
Steve Morse/Kansas
Bob Rice/Frank Zappa
N'Sync Band
Freddie Ravel
Jordan Rudess/Dream Theater
Patrick Swayze
Rick Nielsen/Cheap Trick
Ed Mann/Frank Zappa Band
Shania Twain Band
Britney Spears Band
Cher Band
Coral Reefer Band
Greg Lake
Kat Dyson/Prince/Cyndi Lauper Band/Zucchero
Danny Elfman
Waddy Wachtel/Stevie Nicks Band
Charlie Morgan/Elton John Band
Jon Mahon/Elton John Band
Joe Tansin/Badfinger
Paul Davies/Black Eyed Peas/Paul McCartney Band
Bill St Amour/Julio Iglesias/Bruce Springsteen/Bon Jovi
Tom Johnston/Doobie Brothers
Tommy Lee/Motley Crue
Other bands I have played with
1910 Fruitgum Company - bass, vocals
Lynne LaPrad Band - bass, vocals
Ball and Pivot - bass, vocals
She Cried - bass, guitar, vocals, production
Plan Be - guitar, vocals, production
The Strangemen - bass, guitar, keys, vocals, production
The Sugar Twins - bass, guitar, keys, vocals, production
Big Ray and the Futuras - bass, production
Zen Lunchbox - guitar, bass vocals