Over the years I have dabbled in video production. I make instructional videos for MOTU. I also make music videos for both my own songs and bands I have played with or recorded. Here are some examples for your enjoyment.
Dave and Mark Play Stonehenge

Ok it's not a music video. But it's based on the best music video ever made!

Money I Don't Own

This video was created in my apartment in Arlington, MA. I hung a sheet to get a "blue screen" effect. I used a really cheap video camera and the editing was done in Final Cut Pro. Additional video effect rendering by Studio Artist software. Frank the cat worked for cat food. The video was made in 2000, so it is a very early "cat video".

Ike Was Right

The soundtrack for Ike was originally recorded by myself and Paul Wilson on drums. This is my anti-war statement.

Hot Rod - Big Ray and the Futuras

We filmed in the bands rehearsal space in Sommerville MA. The video is cut and edited to a studio recording of the song. On the day of filming, the band didn't want to play the song Hot Rod, so the video was actually edited over performances of different songs

Zagnutt - Agave Mojo

Filmed live at the Jive Turkey Bash Nov 27 2012. Camera by Ted Broughey. Special thanks to the Lincoln Lounge Crew!

Dragon Solo

Filmed live at the Dragon Haus studio July 14 2008. Music is the solo section of Make The Dragon Smile from the Cat Soup CD. Special thanks to Bob the Dragon on drums!

Man Or Monster - The Strangemen

This was filmed at the Sleezefest in Hickory NC, 1999. The club used multiple cameras and gave us the raw footage. I edited and added effects, including the classic shot of the "Queen of Sleeze" during the credits at the end.