Ok, I admit it. I love musical instruments, especially things with strings on them.
I've sold a few and regretted losing every one. So mostly when a new
musical instrument comes along, it just gets added to the family.
Many of the instruments on this page were gifts or payments for work.
Click on an instrument to show or hide details.

1983 Paisley Fender Telecaster
All stock - The Real Twang
Wedding present from Rita LaSerra
1987 Gibson Les Paul
Thin line with stock whammy.
Thank you Joe Fredette.
1965 Guid T-100 Starfire
All Stock
Gretsch 6117 Reissue
Bigsby added by Dave
Thank you Joe Fredette.
Dean Deceiver
LP Killer. Very well made guitar.
Thank you Evil D.
1979 R1
Made in HS woodshop. Learned to play on this guitar. Neck from an Cameo Les Paul copy. Schaller tuners. Graphite bridge saddles. Currently sporting Dimarzio pups. Used to have lots of switches and stereo output. Now it has a volume control and pickup selector switch
Raspberry Strat
Mid-1980s Stars Guitars body. handmade neck, EMG pups. Supposedly built by the guitar tech at Sam Ash Music in Boston. Sticker from a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Autograph from Buck Dharma. I've used this as my main guitar in the Plan Be band and on many recordings.
Thank you Kathy Maceijewski.
Godin LGX
Piezo and Seymour Duncan pups. 15 pin output for MIDI converter. Very nice neck. Totally pro instrument.
Thank you Kat Dyson.
Hondo BC Rich copy
Late 1980s. Purchased new at Mr Music in Allston MA. Bridge pup from a 1960 Premier. Installed the guts from a CryBaby wah pedal, so a switch and one of the knobs are used to control the filter.
1956 Fender Deluxe
All Stock. Got this and my Dano Baritone in trade for a Gibson SG at Mr Music in Allston MA
Rogue Sitar
Thank you Mom.
Danelectro Baritone
Lots of fun. Sounds great. Traded a Gibson SG for this and my Fender Deluxe lap steel.
1976 Rickenbacker 4001
Purchased new at Mannys Music. Chris Squire autograph on the pickguard.
All Stock
2014 ZBass
Warmouth neck, EMG electronics
Body and build by Krishna Jain
Thank you Paul O'Grady for the neck.
Thank you Krishna for a work of art.
Carvin BB Bass
Carvin provided me with a schematic and parts list to change the center frequencies of the bass and treble tone controls. Most cool. The bass has excellent balance and perfect neck. Also has piezo pickup for a huge range of sounds. I received this bass as payment for engineering work.
Thank you Craig Chaquico.
Dean Edge Pro Bass
Incredible instrument. Similar to the Carvin BB.
Very high tech
Thank you Evil D.
ESP J-Tour
This bass was used by Warren on a world tour in the Tina Turner band. Super low action and a very deep sound.
Thank you Warren McRae.
1973 Fender MusicMaster Bass
Bartolini P-Bass pup added. New paint job by Krishna Jain. Originally purchased from a pawn shop in Wilmington DE in 1980 to use on the road with the 1910 Fruitgum Co band.
Danelectro DC Bass
Light weight. Note the tape job thumb rest and custom graphics. Used with The Strangemen band. Tape on the neck at fifth and seventh frets so I could find my way around on a dark stage while wearing sunglasses.
Kala U Bass
With piezo pup. Sounds like an upright bass when plugged into an amp. Has enough volume to compete with other acoustic guitars. Lots of fun!
Thank you Mom.
2004 Floria Recital Bass
The "MacGyver" bass
Purchased on eBay for $400.00. Hurley pup. Other components: coathanger, picture hooks, and pieces of drumstick.
Hilo Uke
Use the uke, Luke...
Thank you Paul O'Grady.
Irish Flat Back Bouzouki
Made in Romainia. Bought off eBay from a seller in Germany. Piezo pickup with 3 band EQ.
Chinese angular banjo
$50 on EBay. It was worth it just to get the bow.
One Funky Banjo
Took it to a Bob Dylan show for an autograph. Bob wouldn't sign it.
Ibanez Mandolin
Galveston Dobro
Piezo pickup and active EQ. Sounds mean when plugged in. Wedding present from Lisa
Yamaki 12 string
Green frets - lived on an aircraft carrier for awhile... Headstock got stepped on and broken at a gig with Plan Be. Glued it back together and now it stays in tune.
Thank you mom.
Ovation Nylon String
Active electronics. Late 1980s
Martin DC 15E
2002. Purchased new from Sweetwater. Active electronics. Awesome guitar for songwriting, studio, on stage and at a campfire
Mid 1980s. Bought it from a donut maker for $50.00. I've actually given this guitar to Brother Jonathan
Fender Rhodes
1974. Restored in 2012. Ben from Zen Lunchbox was going to throw this away. It was fairly trashed when I got it. I watched some videos and bought a restoration kit from Vintage Vibe and now it plays and sounds perfect.
Korg Pro X88 Triton
Given to me by Al Kooper in 2006. He used this to gig for awhile and then got the newer model. You can see Als notes taped to the keyboard on the left.
M-Audio 61 controller
As you can see, the M_Audio keyboard connects to a computer, which allows me to trigger any sound I want. Typically I use MachFive 3 sample software.
Korg MS2000
Digital synth that supposedly emulates analog modular synths. Also a vocoder (note the microphone).
Very old and in the key of C.
Sound so pure!