I started writing and recording music when I was about 14-15 years old. Since then I've written and recorded many musical compositions. This page includes selections from my solo work. There are links to three CDs published between 1994 and 2004. Also included are other solo works that have not appeared as part of any "album". I do not grant permission to copy, distribute, or sell my music without permission. Enjoy!
Born To Wave At Dogs

Completed 2015
These recordings span over five years of work. The tracks are taken from sessions I did at The Dragon Haus with Bob Donegan and Paul Wilson. I've also been working at Alec Francesconis' studio The Electric Treehouse. John Ward and Fritz Drayton came and laid down some great tracks. And on Endorphan I have the special guest singer of Mike Davis.
The title of the album is a reference to my wife Lisa. If she sees a dog she always waves at it. Sometimes the owners get a little confused but everybody likes dogs so most people are cool when you wave at their hound.

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Completed in 2004
3D was recorded primarily in the Cat House attic studio in Belmont MA. Many of the tracks started out as after work jam sessions with Paul Wilson on drums. The Rice Is Moving was originally recorded in 1982. Final mastering of 3D was one of the first projects done at the Dragon Haus studio.

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Art by Paul Wilson

Photo by Mike Rivers

Magic Dave

Completed in 2001
The tracks were all recorded in my living room studio on Grove St in Arlington MA. The exception is Chucks Theme, which was recorded at Banana Sound in the South End sometime in the late 1980s

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Photo by Christine Petrosky

Art by Paul Wilson, photo by Dave

Make The Dragon Smile

Completed in 1995
Make The Dragon Smile was my first full length "album". By the time I was ready to make a record, vinyl was dead and CDs had taken over. The ability to burn CDs in a home studio was a big deal. Blank CDs were $25.00 each, so mistakes were costly! The collection includes a wide range of recordings, many of which were made on a Fostex B16 analog tape recorder. The recordings were made over a period of time and in different studios. Check the song notes for details on each track.
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