My love of recorded music was sparked when I was barely a teenager and I listened to my parents Beatles records on an old set of Radio Shack headphones. I found it fascinating that sounds could be panned to the left or right. When I had listened to music coming from the radio, it was typically mono audio and I just assumed that all the instruments and voices were recorded at equal volume and then played back the same way. With the Beatles recordings I realized that mixing and later on what I learned was "production" turned a simple song into a sensory experience. As I learned about how this was done I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to record music and sound, and turn it into "movies" for the ears.

I have have been mixing live and studio audio since the 1970s. Along the way, without knowing it, I was also learning the arts of engineering, production, and mastering.

This page provides a partial list of Magic Dave engineering, production, mixing, and mastering credits.

Mike Bloomfield
From His Head To His Heart To His Hands
Credit: Mastering Engineer

Released 2014 by Sony Legacy

Bob Dylan
Another Self Portrait (1961-1971):
The Bootleg Series
Credit: Mix Engineer for "Sign on the Window"
and "New Morning"

Released 2013 by Columbia

Joe Fredette
Time Again
Credit: Engineering, Production Assistance, Musician

Released 2013 by CD Baby

Craig Chaquico
Shadow and Light
Credit: Digital Editing, Mixing Assistance

Released 2011 by Blue Note

Charlie Gracie
For the Love of Charlie
Credit: Mix Engineer, Mastering Engineer
Guitar on for "School Days"

Released 2011 by ABKCO

Al Kooper
White Chocolate
Credit: Executive Engineer, Mixer

Released 2008 by Minor Music

Al Kooper
Black Coffee
Credit: Programming and "Mentoring"

Released 2005 by Favored Nations

Big Ray and the Futuras
Desolation Planet
Credit: Engineering, Mixing, Mastering

Released 2000 by Double Crown Records

Big Ray and the Futuras
Credit: Mastering

Released 1999 by Double Crown Records

The Strangemen
Channel 2000
Credit: Digital Engineering and CD Graphics

Released 1998 by OMG