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Nov 18 2010 More Cowbell!

Dec 12 2009. They said it couldn't be done
Both feet off the ground at the same time!

With the Pablo Palooza Band
On a boat that never left the dock
because there was a hurricane that night!

July 26 2014
Darin and Marissa's wedding bash.
Zagnutt with Davey on drums

First time back on stage after being sick.
I was born to be here!

At the Lincoln Lounge with Zagnutt
Nov 23 2012

Sep 15 2012. Zagnutt at Hempfest. Note the foliage up front

With Joe and Phil Punch in Acton
Mit Dobro
Aug 25 2012 first gig with Zagnutt

Mit bass

Aug 25 2012 With Joe Fredette at PaloozaFest

May 17 2012 BBC with Pablo Palooza

May 9 2012 at the Asgard

More Dobro!
Halloween with Pablo Palooza