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1. Space Dog [4:16]
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3. Mickey Mouse Blues [3:10]
4. Suzy's Got A Brand New T-Bird [4:41]
5. Money I Don't Own [4:12]
6. Oh Lord [4:13]
7. Holy Water [4:45]
8. I'll Never Learn [4:24]
9. Chuck's Theme [2:12]
10. Ventricle Mangler [6:33]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2001 All rights reserved

Drum loops by Bernard Purdie
All other instruments by Dave

Space Dog

Lemme tell you about man's best friend
He's a woman's best friend too
He'll lick your nose he'll guard your pad
He'll drive your spaceship it's true
Ain't no cartoon Astro livin on Scooby Snacks
He likes an alien T-bone
Chain him up he's a junkyard saucer dog
Calls Pluto when he's home

I'm just walkin your space dog

Told me with a howl that he wants to play outside
Sub zero vacuum gravity got a leash on the ultra glide
Chasing cats off the Milky Way
Needs a laser gun if you wanna make him stay

This little doggie went to market
And this little doggie stayed home
This little doggie had roast beef
And this little doggie had none
Poor doggie now
It's a Milky Way bone
Gonna take you home

This has always been one of my favorites. This is the first version of the song, and it has been recorded several times since, as well as played live by a number of different bands. This version doesn't have a live drummer. The drums on this recording are mostly Bernard Purdie loops from a commercial loop CD. Because Bernard is such an incredible drummer, and because of the way I layered and offset the loops, I would never expect a live drummer to pull it off the way it is on this recording. Also, the vocal here is done with two lines an octave apart. Both lines are at the limits of my range, so for later renditions of the song I've made arrangement modifications and also changed the key. This is the "original studio version".
You can't go wrong with dog songs. Everybody likes dogs. One of my favorite old blues tunes is "Walking the Dog". This updates the theme to the modern "Walking the Space Dog". The lyrics are light and fun. The bridge is silly but sinister. Everybody gets to howl along on the chorus. What's not to like?