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1. Mutton Chop [4:16]
2. Flood Warning [4:02]
3. Simple [3:46]
4. Floating [3:04]
5. NYC Cab Ride [4:46]
6. Lazy Akbar [4:24]
7. If Pigs [3:50]
8. Sinister Pony [4:40]
9. Endorphan [4:15]
10. Skin Suit [3:34]
11. Silly Putallica [4:20]
12. Ike Was Right [3:34]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2014 All rights reserved

Drums by Bob Donegan
All other instruments by Dave


Dig a pony put your money on it
Taste the honey dripping from it
I am floating and I've got nothing to do
I am floating along the blue bayou
We are floating just for the view

Field of dreams a certain name
Dreaming of a box of rain
I am floating and I've got nothing to say
We are floating angels know the way
Floating everyday

Higher in the milky way
Plastic face sees light of day
I am floating and you can stare at the sun
We are floating and time is on the run
Floating are you having fun

Bob Donegan played the original drum track on this recording. Bob and I had been playing together for awhile and we tried different methods of collaboration. I asked Bob to challenge me to write a song about any subject he mentioned. Bob gave me a few suggestions. The suggestion for this song became it's title.

There are three verses. Each verse is about the same word, but uses a different metaphor. The first verse is about boats (they float).

The old joke goes: what is a boat? It's a hole in the ocean that you throw money into.

So the first line of the song was to be "dig a hole and put your money in it".

But I like the Beatles, and I thought I would borrow a line from them. So Hole became Pony. But you don't put your money in a pony. You put your money ON a pony.

Lot's of guys name their boats after their wives of girlfriends. The original second line was "put the name of honey on it". That line got changed to make the word honey more interesting.

The choruses are about existentialism. We don't need to be or do anything. We can just notice what is around us.

The second verse is about lying on a mattress. "Certain name" sounds a lot like "Serta" name (They make mattresses). Box of rain is a phrase borrowed from the Grateful Dead that roughly describes the Earth. The original line was "dreaming ON a box of rain", which alludes to a box spring. But you can dream about boxes of rain also.

The third verse is about an astronaut doing a spacewalk. The visor of his space helmet reflects the Earth and the sunrise.

The chord progression is fairly simple. There is a verse and chorus, and instrumental interlude. The original tracks were acoustic guitar and drums. Next were bass and a vocal track, and then I started adding orchestration.

The goal was to have a big powerful sound that blended rock band instruments with orchestral sounds and layered vocals.
Instrumentation includes:

11 tracks of vocals
Electric Bass
Additional percussion
4 tracks of electric guitar
6 tracks of acoustic guitar
Lead guitar
2 tracks of electric sitar
French Horn
Contra Bass
and 2 tracks of backwards sound effects