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Ike Was Right

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1. Mutton Chop [4:16]
2. Flood Warning [4:02]
3. Simple [3:46]
4. Floating [3:04]
5. NYC Cab Ride [4:46]
6. Lazy Akbar [4:24]
7. If Pigs [3:50]
8. Sinister Pony [4:40]
9. Endorphan [4:15]
10. Skin Suit [3:34]
11. Silly Putallica [4:20]
12. Ike Was Right [3:34]
Written by Dave and Paul
Copyright 2014 All rights reserved

Drums by Paul Wilson
All other instruments by Dave

Ike Was Right

This track is originally from the Dec 2011 session with Paul. For awhile the track just sort of sat unattended. It's original title was Hispainia. Then in 2014 I started working on a video and needed a soundtrack so this was used. I grabbed a recording of Dwight Eisenhowers goodbye speech (which is in the public domain). Dwight was the first American president to appear on TV and this is a famous and important speech. Be sure to check out the video on my Movies page!