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Lazy Akbar

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1. Mutton Chop [4:16]
2. Flood Warning [4:02]
3. Simple [3:46]
4. Floating [3:04]
5. NYC Cab Ride [4:46]
6. Lazy Akbar [4:24]
7. If Pigs [3:50]
8. Sinister Pony [4:40]
9. Endorphan [4:15]
10. Skin Suit [3:34]
11. Silly Putallica [4:20]
12. Ike Was Right [3:34]
Written by Dave and Paul
Copyright 2011 All rights reserved

Drums by Paul Wilson
All other instruments by Dave

Lazy Akbar

In December of 2011 Paul came down to my studio to do some improvisational recording. Paul and I have played together for years and frankly he kicks me in the butt. Paul is one of the most creative people I've known and he pushes me hard to get out of my comfort zone.

For these sessions Paul insisted that for each track we did I switched to a new instrument. For this piece I played piano on the original recording. Later I dubbed the other instruments.

Many of my recordings over the years have started as improvisation that is then edited and orchestrated. For Lazy Akbar there is little editing but you'll hear my orchestral experimentation over top of the original jam.