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1. Mutton Chop [4:16]
2. Flood Warning [4:02]
3. Simple [3:46]
4. Floating [3:04]
5. NYC Cab Ride [4:46]
6. Lazy Akbar [4:24]
7. If Pigs [3:50]
8. Sinister Pony [4:40]
9. Endorphan [4:15]
10. Skin Suit [3:34]
11. Silly Putallica [4:20]
12. Ike Was Right [3:34]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2014 All rights reserved

Drums by Bob Donegan
All other instruments by Dave


She wants to be liberated
She works so hard it's complicated
Why won't the world come to you
Nobody sees your eyes so blue
Lonely Linda quiet down
Listen baby now don't you make a sound
If you could have just one wish
Would you like the secret in a kiss
Won't you keep it simple silly

This noise it never seems to end
You'd trade it all for just one friend
This world is trying you out
On the bottom but not out

Simple is one of a trilogy of three songs that I worked on with Bob Donegan. Bob played drums and I played guitar for the basic tracks. I then further manipulated the drum parts and added on the rest of the instruments and vocals. Recording, production, mixing, and mastering was all done at the Dragon Haus. With Simple, the idea was for a mid-tempo, hard hitting pop song. The lyrics were loosely inspired by a friend of my wife's, who is one of those people who always seem to create drama from otherwise straight-forward situations. I guess some people prefer not to make things simple!