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Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2014 All rights reserved

Drums by Bob Donegan
All other instruments by Dave

If Pigs

Hangin' on a chord
Waddaya need a reason for
Waitin' for the bus
Waitin' to see what's in store
I know I've got to get to Memphis

I will find a way
When I get there I'll be tempted
That will be the day
They'll be nothing left to say
I know that I will get to Memphis

If pigs had wings they would be eagles

Where'd I put the key
I can't see the F in G
I've been to Kentucky
And I have been a refugee
I know I've got to get to Memphis

If Pigs is part of the trilogy I did with Bob. Bob is another great friend in that he pushes me to do things I wouldn't have otherwise tried. In this case I couldn't think of a subject for lyrics and Bob said "Just write something in G".

So the last verse really defines this song. It's about the key of G.

I know the title is not original but it's what I used under my photo in my ninth grade yearbook. Somehow it makes perfect sense.