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Sinister Pony

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1. Mutton Chop [4:16]
2. Flood Warning [4:02]
3. Simple [3:46]
4. Floating [3:04]
5. NYC Cab Ride [4:46]
6. Lazy Akbar [4:24]
7. If Pigs [3:50]
8. Sinister Pony [4:40]
9. Endorphan [4:15]
10. Skin Suit [3:34]
11. Silly Putallica [4:20]
12. Ike Was Right [3:34]
Written by Dave, Fritz, and John
Recorded by Alec Francesconi and Dave
Copyright 2014 All rights reserved

Drums by John Ward
Guitar by Fritz Drayton All other instruments by Dave

Sinister Pony

The basics were recorded on March 25 2014 at the Electric Treehouse. I then took the tracks back to my own studio and added the overdubs. The basic track is not edited. Other than some reversed guitar, that's the way we played it.

I wasn't worried about a lead vocal track because this is improvisational music and we didn't improvise any singing as it went down. But I did want to add some human voices in the dubs. So I found a video on YouTube of this old lady complaining about her neighbor. Apparently the neighbor is a hooker but the old lady doesn't seem to get that. Hope I don't get found out and sued by Grandma! The additional voices are another random download, this time of a Japanese girl talking about... something. The Japanese girls voice has been heavily effected. It been reversed and chopped up. Since I don't speak Japanese it sounds a lot like the original to me. I doubt anybody who does speak Japanese would be able to make any sense out of it.
But I got my vocal track!