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1. Only Yesterday [4:00]
2. Drive The Car [3:04]
3. Bullets At My Feet [3:50]
4. Underground [3:41]
5. Cheerleadr [3:25]
6. The Rice Is Moving [4:15]
7. Song Of Ten Delights [9:53]
8. Mic Test [8:36]
9. Preacher [2:38]
10. Birthday Valentine [3:06]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2004 All rights reserved

Drums by Paul Wilson
Xtra vocals by Sarah Williams and Paul Wilson
All other instruments by Dave



This track was created when I was living in the attic studio in the Belmont MA apartment I shared with Paul Wilson and Sara Williams. I wanted to do something that was entirely computer based. The drum part is sequenced and uses samples of drums but also samples of human voices that are used as drums. In particular, what would normally be played on tom toms instead triggers a voice that says "Bom!" . There are loops and programmed drum parts. There are sampled vocals that are taken from random web videos, as well as vocalizations done in the studio by Paul and Sarah. I'm pretty sure that the first vocal that comes in that says "Play!" is Angelina Jolie. Some of the keyboard parts are played on a keyboard and others are just programmed into the sequence. I did use real bass and electric guitars to finish the recording. Any excuse for a guitar solo!