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Birthday Valentine

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1. Only Yesterday [4:00]
2. Drive The Car [3:04]
3. Bullets At My Feet [3:50]
4. Underground [3:41]
5. Cheerleadr [3:25]
6. The Rice Is Moving [4:15]
7. Song Of Ten Delights [9:53]
8. Mic Test [8:36]
9. Preacher [2:38]
10. Birthday Valentine [3:06]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2004 All rights reserved

All instruments by Dave

Birthday Valentine


I had just started to date Lisa, who would later become my wife. I've never had a girl ask me to write a song for but Lisa did. She had been with me when I traded in and old SG guitar for the Danelectro baritone and Fender lap steel. Lisa had never heard a lap steel before and she loved the sound. Shen wanted me to write something for her on the new instrument. I didn't really know how to play lap steel, but that's never stopped me before! It's a simple song and I didn't think it needed lyrics because the song itself is the ... Birthday Valentine.