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The Rice Is Moving

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1. Only Yesterday [4:00]
2. Drive The Car [3:04]
3. Bullets At My Feet [3:50]
4. Underground [3:41]
5. Cheerleadr [3:25]
6. The Rice Is Moving [4:15]
7. Song Of Ten Delights [9:53]
8. Mic Test [8:36]
9. Preacher [2:38]
10. Birthday Valentine [3:06]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2004 All rights reserved

All instruments by Dave

The Rice Is Moving

High velocity sub woofer
Ten band low impedance graphic LED
Attack ratio compression ratio

Monitor tape feedback factor
Level mix line cable
Balance function program function

Hey Dave the rice is moving

Stereo mono polyphonic
Frequency modulate tracking error
Low oscillator sync delay fader sync

But it won't if you cook it

This was recorded in 1983 in my bedroom at 69 Allston St. Allston MA. I had just bought a Fostex A8 tape deck and was hot to get something done, but I didn't have a band or a studio. The rhythm track is an alarm clock. I put a microphone in front of the alarm clock and plugged the mic into an old Heathkit guitar amp, and then recorded the amp. The lyrics are me just reading labels off the recording gear.
I was at a friends house for lunch one afternoon and he yelled out from the kitchen: "Hey Dave, the rice is moving!" I thought about this for a moment and shouted back: "So cook it. It'll stop moving." When I had recorded the chorus I turned the tape over on the deck and recorded reverb from the vocal track. When the tape was played back in the right direction again, I got the very cool "backwards reverb effect". Not bad for a 19 year old in a bedroom studio!