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Mic Test

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1. Only Yesterday [4:00]
2. Drive The Car [3:04]
3. Bullets At My Feet [3:50]
4. Underground [3:41]
5. Cheerleadr [3:25]
6. The Rice Is Moving [4:15]
7. Song Of Ten Delights [9:53]
8. Mic Test [8:36]
9. Preacher [2:38]
10. Birthday Valentine [3:06]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2004 All rights reserved

Drums by Paul Wilson
Guitar by Chris Renna
Guitar by Karl Hermanns
All other instruments by Dave

Mic Test

You seem to be dirty and mean
I think it's fun if you keep it clean
I wish you'd stand a little closer to me
I want you to come to me

Such a smile is on your face
Nothing I can see that's out of place
Looking like you think you're on fire
I think I've got an animal desire

Ice is breaking eyes are alive
Lips a tremble can't survive
I want to take me somewhere inside
Crazy things happen when pressure's applied

This is another jam session that took place in the Belmont attic studio. This time it was a complete ensemble with Paul on drums, myself on bass and vocal, and Chris and Karl on guitars. The music is 100% improvised, and I added synth and organ parts on after the fact. There may be one or two edits in the basic track, but the finished thing is pretty close to how we played it on the spot. I was just starting to get into playing organ parts and was pretty happy with how the organ turned out on this one. It sounds to me like the organ is being played as part of the original recording. The brief vocal are lyrics from a song I had written in high school, and I just happened to have an old lyric book open to that page when we jammed. The music gets better when I stop singing!