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1. Only Yesterday [4:00]
2. Drive The Car [3:04]
3. Bullets At My Feet [3:50]
4. Underground [3:41]
5. Cheerleadr [3:25]
6. The Rice Is Moving [4:15]
7. Song Of Ten Delights [9:53]
8. Mic Test [8:36]
9. Preacher [2:38]
10. Birthday Valentine [3:06]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2004 All rights reserved

Ukulele by Paul O'Grady
Xtra vocals by Lisa Matthews and Pete Marcus
All other instruments by Dave


As one grows older one begins to find
One is being sucked into a terminal grind
To get out is to know who you are
Think for yourself or you won't get far

So you realize you must leave
Split the scene, baby that's a breeze
Now you've got to show them what you mean
You've got to make reality out of your dreams

The only way I'm telling you
The only way is underground
Go underground

In the subterranean you don't have to be
In the subway, just be free
The underground is not the subway
Go underground it's the only way

I wrote this song way back in 1981. The original demo version was done on a pair of cassette decks starting with me playing the drums! The line about the subway is lifted from a Country Joe and the Fish record. I do like the line about "terminal grind" That always made me think of buying a coffee at a train station...