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Chuck's Theme

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1. Space Dog [4:16]
2. The Cat's In The Bag [3:41]
3. Mickey Mouse Blues [3:10]
4. Suzy's Got A Brand New T-Bird [4:41]
5. Money I Don't Own [4:12]
6. Oh Lord [4:13]
7. Holy Water [4:45]
8. I'll Never Learn [4:24]
9. Chuck's Theme [2:12]
10. Ventricle Mangler [6:33]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2001 All rights reserved

Drums by Jim Harp
Xtra vocals by Cathy M
All other instruments by Dave

Chuck's Theme

Shit fuck god dammit
It's somebody elses' fault
Hammerness hammerness
Gimme gimme gimme

We are one too

I'm gonna burn this place down
I'm gonna paint flush or die
My parents are wiring me some money

Contracts leases Mr Desmond
Hey Andy we want the power
We're finished
We're gonna burn this place down
We're gonna burn
Only the lazy stupid

Chuck's Theme started out as a mathematical idea. I was mildly interested in non-standard meter so I decided to do an experiment. The basic pattern is one, one two, one two three. The pattern is repeated 4 times and a simple 4/4 section is used as a buffer before the next group of patterns. For each set of patterns there is an extra beat or set number of beats placed between the patterns. The first time the pattern is played there is one extra beat. The second time there are three extra beats added in, and so on.

One of my partners in Banana Sound was Jim Harp, who is a technically excellent drummer. I knew he'd have no trouble playing drums for the experiment. For the initial session Jim played drums and I played guitar. I overdubbed bass and lead guitar. Cathy M was doing some recording at Banana Sound at the time, and she sang on the bridges with me. The lyric there is mostly just a phonetic excuse to have a vocal - "we are one too". The spoken vocal in the pattern sections is me ranting about our third studio partner, who had become a difficult person with whom to work. Chuck wanted to be a partner in a recording studio, but he didn't seem very happy about the the situation as we were building the place and then when we got it up and running. Every word over the patterns was something specific that Chuck had said in the studio. In some cases they were things that he repeated often. Chuck never did much in the way of recording at Banana Sound. This song is part of his legacy there.