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Suzy's Got A Brand New T-Bird

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4. Suzy's Got A Brand New T-Bird [4:41]
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Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2001 All rights reserved

All instruments by Dave

Suzy's Got A Brand New T-Bird

Suzy's got a brand new T-Bird
Lookin' for trouble that's what I heard

Cruisin' down the avenue she catches your eye
Turn the corner it's bye bye bye
You know she's a sister a sister of steel
You know she's a girl a girl on wheels
Gotta get a handle gotta get my head
Gotta find my baby listen what I said

Remember the movie American Graffiti? Richard Dreyfuss plays a character who spends the movie chasing his dream girl who is driving a white T-Bird. We never really get a look at the girls face, but the actress is Suzanne Somers. I like girls on rollerskates, bicycles, convertibles or whatever. So other title of this song could have been "Girls On Wheels". The song has an oldies feel to it with some of my favorite guitar playing. There's even a taste of some "doo-wop" background vocals.