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Ventricle Mangler

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1. Space Dog [4:16]
2. The Cat's In The Bag [3:41]
3. Mickey Mouse Blues [3:10]
4. Suzy's Got A Brand New T-Bird [4:41]
5. Money I Don't Own [4:12]
6. Oh Lord [4:13]
7. Holy Water [4:45]
8. I'll Never Learn [4:24]
9. Chuck's Theme [2:12]
10. Ventricle Mangler [6:33]
Written by Magic Dave, Paul Wilson, Fritz Drayton, and Chris Renna
Recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2001 All rights reserved

Drums by Paul Wilson
Guitar by Fritz Drayton
Guitar by Chris Renna
Bass by Dave

Ventricle Mangler


An early jam session from the Belmont attic studio. There might be one edit in the final recording. Otherwise, this was raw music made up in the spot by the musicians. Fritz gets the first big solo. Chris gets the second. Paul gets the last licks in with a drum solo. You can hear the other musicians trying to keep up with the drums in the background.

What's a ventricle mangler? A fancy way of saying heartbreaker...