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Money I Don't Own

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5. Money I Don't Own [4:12]
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Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2001 All rights reserved

All instruments by Dave

Money I Don't Own

I will get by
Yeah yeah yeah it's all right

Man goes to work he's gotta get his bread
Oh the lives he could live
The books he might have read
If he had one more minute in every day
He'd find a way he'd find a way

There's no time to watch the days go by
Spend my time like money I don't own
There's no time to even wonder why
Wake up one day to find it's all gone

Come find a place with me where we could be together
It's gonna be I wanna be with you forever
And if I had one more minute in every day
It would be a moment more that you and I could stay

I'm not sure where this song came from. I had started to use the computer to for composition and to sequence additional parts. This is one of the first songs for which I sequenced the drums. There are advantages and disadvantages of doing all the parts yourself. When you work with other musicians, they bring their own flavor to the mix. By comparison, if you do all your own parts, you can spend as long as you want getting everything to sound exactly the way you want.
I did my first music video for this track (check it out on my Movies page). That was 100% DIY also. In the video I'm wearing a bathrobe and filming in my kitchen. There is a cat in the video, which I think counts one of the first internet "cat videos". Just low budget all the way around. I played the song for Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick once. He said he liked the guitar playing, so I was very proud of that!