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I'll Never Learn

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8. I'll Never Learn [4:24]
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Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2001 All rights reserved

Drums by Paul Wilson
All other instruments by Dave

I'll Never Learn

It's all I've got I'm wantin' you
I'm holdin' on I'm turnin' blue
I play the game I wait my turn
Spend all my money
I'll never learn

I hear my friends they call my name
The party's always on it's never the same
I wake up freezin' there's nothing left to burn
Lost all my hearing
I'll never learn

Forever falling down
But Never touch the ground

I sing my song I tell my story
There's nothing wrong with a little glory
Just when I think I've found a safe place to turn
I keep on dreamin'
I'll never learn

I'll Never Learn was one of the first compositional collaborations between myself and Paul Wilson. I was still trying to write completed pop songs and Paul was more into coming up with music on the spot. I did have a loose idea of the lyrics and changes when I recorded this with Paul, but a great deal of it is spontaneous jamming that was edited and sorted out after the fact. Paul challenged me to challenge myself and I think he made a significant improvement in my creative output because of that.