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Oh Lord

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1. Space Dog [4:16]
2. The Cat's In The Bag [3:41]
3. Mickey Mouse Blues [3:10]
4. Suzy's Got A Brand New T-Bird [4:41]
5. Money I Don't Own [4:12]
6. Oh Lord [4:13]
7. Holy Water [4:45]
8. I'll Never Learn [4:24]
9. Chuck's Theme [2:12]
10. Ventricle Mangler [6:33]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 2001 All rights reserved

Sample by Janis
All instruments by Dave

Lyrics? What lyrics? This is the song that can never be released. My understanding is that Janis estate doesn't allow licensing of her music unless maybe you're Mercedes Benz. I'll know I'm famous if I ever get a legal request to take this mp3 off my web site. I've certainly never made a openny from the song. In the mean time, it's free to enjoy.

I always thought the original recording was the perfect audio to be sampled. There are no other instruments besides the voice. I built the backing tracks around what I thought would have made good chord changes behind the original part. I can say that I had to manipulate both pitch and tempo of the vocal in order to keep it in tune and steady meter over the backing tracks. And then just to be weird, I put the psychedelic guitar solo at the end which to me sounds a lot like the Bee Girl song from Blind Lemon. Hey, it needed to be done!