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Talking To Alice

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Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 1995 All rights reserved

Drums by Jim Harp
Lead guitar by Matt Brown
All other instruments by Dave

Talking To Alice

Hello Alice did you put out the cat
Please don't forget the bread or your hat
That's what mama she always told me
But then she never did drive a truck
But then who gives a damn
If you're actually listening
I congratulate you on your latent strangeness

Hello Harry the cat is out
Have a sandwich please don't shout
That's what mama she always told me
But then she never did get very high
I don't even know the reason why
This drivel is even attempted to be
Passed off as poetry
But you're crazy too
You've obviously got latent strangeness

I'm talking to Alice

Alice is one of those songs that is "anti-commercial". Usually songs that are not written to be pop songs turn out the best. The song was recorded in the old Banana Sound studio in Boston's South End. Jim Harp, who is an outstanding jazz drummer did a very good job of taking the weird breaks and making them all work. Matt Brown's guitar took the song to where it needed to be in terms of having some kicking blues licks.