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Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 1994 All rights reserved

Drums by Gene Gilmartin
All other instruments by Dave

Jimmy I Care

Tell me, I'll listen to you
Don't trust me 'till you know you
Love me, love yourself
Take care, take care of yourself

Look for the fast way
Look for the getaway to nowhere
You want to run away
Nothin' matters you say
Well Jimmy I care

Jimmy my friend are you OK
Jimmy don't have much to say
Does that mean he's allright
Or can't he speak 'cause he's uptight

Don't want to read about you in the paper
Don't want to hear about it later

Information overload
Too much media makes your head explode
If there's nothin' left to learn
Why not let it all burn

Another attempt at a "serious" song. I think Gene talked me into recording this. I had a friend years before name John who was a classic juvenile delinquent who was on his way to being a full blown loser as an adult. I hated to see that happen but knew I couldn't fix it. So I wrote a song about it.