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1. Blue Sky High [4:17]
2. Motorcycle Demon Baby [3:55]
3. Look At You Look At Me [3:21]
4. Make The Dragon Smile [4:02]
5. Thinking Out Loud [4:30]
6. Stereo Ass Grab [2:41]
7. Vibrations Vibrate [2:47]
8. Talking To Alice [2:26]
9. Jimmy I Care [4:23]
10. Mary Said [2:13]
11. The Epic [7:25]
12. Requiem [4:15]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 1995 All rights reserved

Drums by Gene Gilmartin
All other instruments by Dave


Time passes like sun through the window
My eyes see and my soul tastes the light
All at once I understand
My dreams are written in shifting sand

So here you stand open hearted
Your eyes see and your soul tastes the light
You see it all in a fleeting sigh
You see it all and wonder why

This is the big break up song. I had been living with my girlfriend for some time and when we split up it hurt very much. I was mad at her but I missed her like crazy. This song was good therapy at the time and it reminds me that even through pain and chaos, there are always positive and serene moments.