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Mary Said

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1. Blue Sky High [4:17]
2. Motorcycle Demon Baby [3:55]
3. Look At You Look At Me [3:21]
4. Make The Dragon Smile [4:02]
5. Thinking Out Loud [4:30]
6. Stereo Ass Grab [2:41]
7. Vibrations Vibrate [2:47]
8. Talking To Alice [2:26]
9. Jimmy I Care [4:23]
10. Mary Said [2:13]
11. The Epic [7:25]
12. Requiem [4:15]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 1995 All rights reserved

Drums by Gene Gilmartin
Oboe by Susan Johnson
All other instruments by Dave

Instrumental! I had originally recorded this with verses and choruses. The song had been about an old girlfriend. But I wasn't happy with the lyrics or the vocal sections in general. So they were edited out to make Mary Said an instrumental. It was most fun to have Susan Johnson come in to play an oboe part. Susan was a high end classical musician, but had never played pop music or improvised in any way. She had no idea what to play. I told to just play notes that were in the key and to blow hard. I like the final result. It's a good old jam - with oboe!