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Thinking Out Loud

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1. Blue Sky High [4:17]
2. Motorcycle Demon Baby [3:55]
3. Look At You Look At Me [3:21]
4. Make The Dragon Smile [4:02]
5. Thinking Out Loud [4:30]
6. Stereo Ass Grab [2:41]
7. Vibrations Vibrate [2:47]
8. Talking To Alice [2:26]
9. Jimmy I Care [4:23]
10. Mary Said [2:13]
11. The Epic [7:25]
12. Requiem [4:15]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 1995 All rights reserved

Drums by Gene Gilmartin
Extra vocals by Clair Harding
All other instruments by Dave

Thinking Out Loud

Don't say- don't say that I talk too much
I come through in the clutch
Listen now- listen to all these words
Don't be absurd

So if you see me with my mouth open
Don't make my concentration broken
I'm thinking out loud
'Cause it's better than not thinking at all

With all this noise pollution
We don't care- about anywhere
Waste your time but don't waste mine
I'm doin fine

Basic tracks were recorded in Everett. I had met Clair and thought her songs were pretty good. I offered to record her and produce a tune if she wanted, and in return I'd ask her to sing on one of my songs. She did an ok job singing background on Thinking Out Loud. When we started working on her song she made it clear that she would take the free studio time but had no interest in my input as a producer. So we stopped working together and didn't finish her tune.

I like this song a lot. It has unorthodox chord changes and the lyrics describe me perfectly at the time. I once described the chord changes to my grandfather who said "you can't do that!" Grandad was a trained classical musician. When I played him the actual song he admitted that I had broken the "rules" and still made it work musically. I hear this song got some airplay in Coventry UK.