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2. Motorcycle Demon Baby [3:55]
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9. Jimmy I Care [4:23]
10. Mary Said [2:13]
11. The Epic [7:25]
12. Requiem [4:15]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 1995 All rights reserved

Drums by Mike Baumer
All other instruments by Dave

Motorcycle Demon Baby

Turn the page, and ride into the sand
Earring baby, and precious in the hand
Smile and do what you feel
They cross your path they know your steel

You're my motorcycle demon baby
Rev your engines up to screamin' baby
You're my motorcycle you're my motorcycle ride

Motorcycle demon, goes where he feels
What he wants, what he wants he steals
A smilin' face a wink and a leer
A thousand miles an hour and I got no fear

You're my motorcycle demon baby
The handlebars have got you creamin' baby
You're my motorcycle you're my motorcycle ride

This was a one-off recording I did with Mike Baumer on drums. The tracks were recorded in my basement studio in Everett, just about the time I started to play with Mike in the Plan Be band. I've always loved this song, but Plan Be was a jam band and didn't want to play any song about motorcycle demons.
The motorcycle demon is a character from Zap comics. His old lady is the motorcycle demon baby (complete with exhaust pipe burns on her inner thighs). Every demon should have one!