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Vibrations Vibrate

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Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 1995 All rights reserved

Drums by Jim Harp
All other instruments by Dave

Vibrations Vibrate

Turn on a switch and send electric waves
Accelerate quickly for power something craves
Pumping the frequency, pulling the airwaves along
All is vibrating, nothing is going wrong

You seem to like places vibrations go
It turns you on, you know I know
I hope you like all your airwaves now
It seems that you do
You're kicking up such a row

Vibrations vibrate
Equations equate

I wait for you out of common courtesy
The reason for protocol, though I just can't see
But necessary numbers are counted just the same
And if you can't dig them
I can't give you no blame

Recorded at Banana Sound. I loved working with Jim Harp on the drums. He was very focussed and into his jazz. I was all over the place with my rock n roll attitude. I wanted this song to be a punk tune and Jim did his best to hit them hard.

I had recently bought a guitar with an whammy bad and locking nut, so I was into trying to get extreme sounds from my guitar. I also used as much compression as I could on the final mix. The recording and production was done with the Fostex B16 deck and Tascam board. I did mixes onto our Beta video recorder and onto the new Toshiba PCM VHS machine (my first digital audio recorder). When we split the studio up, Jim took his Beta deck and I took the VHS, the final mix that made it to the CD is from the VHS.