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The Epic

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1. Blue Sky High [4:17]
2. Motorcycle Demon Baby [3:55]
3. Look At You Look At Me [3:21]
4. Make The Dragon Smile [4:02]
5. Thinking Out Loud [4:30]
6. Stereo Ass Grab [2:41]
7. Vibrations Vibrate [2:47]
8. Talking To Alice [2:26]
9. Jimmy I Care [4:23]
10. Mary Said [2:13]
11. The Epic [7:25]
12. Requiem [4:15]
Written and recorded by Magic Dave
Copyright 1995 All rights reserved

Drums by Gene Gilmartin
Laughing Girl by Christine Petrosky
All other instruments by Dave

The Epic

Suddenly I'm standing on the deck of a ship
The Ship is not in the water
I see stars above and I see stars below
Energy space and matter
But no time on this ship
We're just waiting for the right time
There's no time

The captain sets the controls for the heart of the sun
He puts on his sunglasses
No cargo this time just for fun
So fast no time passes
On this ship on this trip
We're just waiting for the right time
There's no time

To describe the indescribable object or perhaps place
That is the openness of ones mind

The light vibrating overhead
Slide down the tunnel of black
Blown away pushing onward now
Never know if you're coming back

Living below your mind

The sun is burning in my eyes
Showing me the power of flame
Ever more lift the specter up
All is changed nothing same

Groove softly put forward lightning bolts
Rumble over the dying storm
Reach out the hands will point the way
One is dead one is born

The Epic is three different songs formed into a medley. None of the three songs sound adequate by themselves, but I found that if played them into each other, the sum did work. Part of my goal when I recorded this was to make I used every one of my guitars at least once in the production. I think they did all make it in there. It was interesting to do the basics because there was no band, just guitar and drums. The drummer had to write all hit hots and parts out so we could the basic track in one take. The Epic was recorded in the basement studio in Everette MA. I used my Fostex B16 tape deck and Tascam M520 mixer that had been the core of Banana Sound studio in previous years.